Research and Development

Our core strength lies in our ability to outclass in developing products through our focused and dedicated teams in formulations, product designing and development complemented by specialized research and development facility. We strongly believes in continuous growth through Research & Development and as a result, the our commitment for research is between 5-6% of revenue. Every year, we brings about many new products to the market, based on our development.

We have a dedicated team of scientists and professional people working in our R&D lab. Our scientists come from sectors as diverse as Science, medicine, Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology. This diverse sector of the R&D team helps us understand, discover and develop new products. Nutra’s R&D team works on the concept of product development, which caters to all the product requirements of Nutraceutical, protein Supplement & pharma Products. As part of this process, we have a setup in-house R&D, which enhances the capability to offer innovative products for our customers, who are our business partners. Our product development capabilities cover the area of General Nutritional Supplements, Protein supplements, Pharma products, Sports Nutrition, Herbal Supplements & Gym supplement.

Our R&D capabilities are focused on the basis of customer’s requirements. We believe one of the principal factors contributing to our success is our strong R&D capabilities. Drawing from Science, Nature & Naturals, Nutra’s focus is to use Nutrition & Ayurveda and develop safe and effective products to improve quality of life.